Broad Creek Naturals

Frequently Asked Questions


Will all these oils clog my skin?

It is a common misconception that oils will clog pores! While  some oils will clog pores, we choose to use only oils that fall under the Non Comedogenic (non-pore clogging) category. You will be surprised at how your skin absorbs these oils!

Why are facial oils more expensive?

When purchasing our facial oils, you are getting pure organic oils with the addition of powerful pure essential oils, plus the skin care star ingredient, Squalane - no filler ingredients here!  When purchasing creams or lotions, up to half of the content can be simply water!  For example, popular skin care creams on the market today touting the ingredient Squalane sells for almost $30 an ounce and up; in some cases that is the only ingredient!.  Again, it is a cream, so up to half of that product would simply be very expensive water! These same products also have to use some type of preservative or several because they are water based.

In addition, our oils will not only nourish but moisturize, allowing you to possibly be able to skip adding the expense of purchasing a seperate moisturizer. (see question "Do I still need to moisturize after using facial oils?"

How Do I know which oil to choose for my skin-type?

We try hard to put the perfect blend of oils for your skin type into the appropriate blend.  If unsure, we have our Nourishing Facial oils blend that should work well for any skin care type.  This oil also uses only one essential oil, organic Helichrysum, if that is a concern for you.

How do oils cleanse my skin?

It seems counterintuitive to put oils on skin to clean it! However, using the scientific principle of "like attracting like" the oils will dissolve dirt and remove impurities better than most cleaners, while leaving your skin feeling soft and supple, not raw or stripped. Our blend of cleansing oils has been found to work for each skin type! If desired, our organic herb or floral infused Witch Hazel can be used afterwards as well, but for most, the oils will be all that is needed.

What about Essential oils, are they safe for everyone?

Essential oils can be very powerful. In using them, more is not always better, or safe.  We use a ratio that is safe, yet still effective, however, PLEASE do not use any essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, have any health issues or are on medication without first consulting with your physician as some oils may cause harm in certain individuals or interact with certain medications.


Why don't your products have preservatives in them?

We set out on a mission to make our skin-care products preservative free.  Products only need a preservative if water is involved, or bacteria is introduced through other contamination.  As a precaution, Body Butters, salts, tooth powders...should be taken out with freshly washed and dry hands or a clean spoon, and care should be taken to avoid getting water into product.

Most of  the products we sell are water-free, with the exception of  the organic Witch Hazel and Organic Castile Soap.

Do I still need to moisturize after using the facial oils?

One of the key things we set out to do when creating the facial oils was to create a product that would truly keep skin moisturized, dismissing the need for a separate moisturizer.  With the addition of Squalane, we have been able to do just that! Even the driest of skin has been tested and found the facial oils to be a skin conditioner and moisturizer in one!  Of course, all skin is different, but we believe the facial oils will truly be all you need to both moisturize and reap the benefits of the nourishing oils. In the end, this will save you money as well with one product doing the work of two!

What do the numbers mean on the name of the facial oils?

Good Question!

The numbers in our facial blends stand for the three categories of ingredients.  The first number is the number of Certified organic carrier oils in any given product. Each facial oil will always have the number 1 in the middle which indicates the very special moisturizing ingredient, Squalane. The last number stands for the number of essential oils in a product, and will be unique to each blend.